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Wunderschöne Wohnung im Grazer Zentrum + Parkplatz

Fossiliferous Neogene sites in the area of Graz Frequently recorded plant remains e.

For more detailed palaeontologic infor- mation see chapter 4 appendix. In a westerly ditch greyish, pelitic sedi- ments are badly exposed below coarse and poorly sorted, polymict gravels.

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Our own micropalaeontologic investigations yielded only a monospecific foraminiferal fauna with Aubignyna perlucida. The slopes of the hills become steeper at about a sea level of m, reflecting the composition of quartz-rich, medium- to fine- grained gravels and sands without considerable pelitic intercalations.

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Remarks: In the course of the enlargement of the brickyard, grey pelites were exposed below quartz- and crystalline-rich, probably Pleistocene reworked gravels and terrace loams in FLÜGEL Today the outcrop is no longer accessible due to recultivation. For micro palaeontologic studies an old sample Coll.

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Only very few tests of Ammonia pseudobeccarii and valves of Hemicy- theria omphalodes were found additionally cf. Badly documented grazer dating app review ca.

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