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Video recorded on Oct. Interested in eVTOL and other types of vertical flight?

The Chinese AC helicopter is the equivalent of Airbus Helicopters H light utility single turbine engine helicopter, formerly known as the EC Colibri helicopter. Replacing a conventional tail rotor with an electric version is our first step in exploring and verifying the technical feasibility of an all-electric helicopter.

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Once the tail single passenger drone tests are successfully completed, they will then remove the main turbine and replace it with an electric motor and the additional components and software, and see if they can make a successful transformation and validate the changes will extensive testing. Their goal is to have a working electric helicopter within a decade.

single passenger drone

The biggest advantage of an electric helicopter, Deng said, is that it will not need a transmission which is not only one of the essential parts in a helicopter but also one of the most sophisticated components in conventional helicopters. When converting a conventional aircraft to electric, it greatly reduces the empty weight of the aircraft, therefore increasing its range or payload or both.

On reducing complexity, the engine and transmission has many parts, so when and internal combustion powerplant is eliminated, the aircraft is much less mechanically complex.

single passenger drone

For example, there is only one moving part in an electric motor. By converting a combustion powered helicopter into an electric one, there are multiple advantages including reducing the weight of the helicopter, making it less complex, improves control, increases reliability, increases safety, it costs less to produce, it costs less to operate and there are no emissions.

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They noted that the success of electric helicopters will depend upon single passenger drone engineers can design electric helicopters with the same or better performance and duration abilities as we have with conventional helicopters flying today.

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