Single story lowercase a font

single story lowercase a font

When you want to embed the font in apps oder eBooks the Smart Embedding Licence is your choice. Our Server Licence is to automated your documents and personalised products within a network.

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All licences are unlimited in time after a onetime payment scaled to the size of usage — measured at number of users, pageviews per month, embedding projects of applications or number of servers used. Now you can install the fonts on your computer, use them in all your programmes Microsoft office, Adobe software… and at the same time you can embed the included WebFonts through font-face technology in the corresponding web project.

Runge, N.

single story lowercase a font

Thomsen-Habermann, L. Fischbach GbR.

An Infant variety of the typeface with single-story versions of the letters a and g also exists. The basic glyph shapes do not look consistently across font weights and widths, especially in Extra Bold and Ultra Bold weights, and Extra Condensed width. However, even in lighter weights, some letters do not look consistent. For example, in letters p and q, the top strokes of counters do not touch the top of the stems in Light, Bold, Heavy fonts, but touch the top of the stems in Book, Medium fonts.

Single story lowercase a font you do not accept these terms, you will not be able to purchase the font software licence and you may not bekanntschaften cuxhaven the fonts. What you are purchasing from TypeMates is a licence to use our fonts font software.

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You are purchasing the rights to use the fonts with respect to the following terms and conditions. You are not purchasing the copyright of the typeface. Additional formats are available on request, but single story lowercase a font require an additional licence.

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With the purchase or installation of our fonts you agree to the following: You are allowed to install the fonts on your computer and embed them on websites via font-face and make perpetual usage of the fonts.

The use of this font is limited to the number of users and the number of pageviews detailed on the invoice you received with the purchase of the font.

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If you increase the number of users or pageviews beyond the number detailed on the invoice, you will lose the right to continue to use the fonts until you update your license to include additional users or pageviews. You may embed the fonts in static documents e.

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You may not convert the fonts to other font formats, nor may you modify, decompile or instruct a third party to convert, modify or decompile them. Nevertheless, you are allowed to subset our WebFonts. You may make a back-up copy on a second computer.


Registered users of www. This licence is not transferable.

single story lowercase a font

In the event that you do not want to use the font, you may not give your rights of use or licence to a third party and you cannot sell, nor sub-licence the font licence or fonts.

You may not give the fonts to a person who does not own a licence for the font. Contact us, or just purchase one directly in our shop.

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You may not embed the fonts into hardware for example: the displays of washing machines, toasters, or devices like a GPS navigator, eReader. To do that, you will need a custom licence and should contact us.

single story lowercase a font

If the yearly net profit of the licencee exceeds EUR 15 million the licencee is not allowed to use our fonts in their logo, in television broadcasts, cinema movies or in internet streams. Furthermore the licencee may not use our fonts for products that reproduce letter shapes like, for example, house numbers, stamps, craft templates or punched letters. Usage of this sort requires an enlarged and customised licence and, if you are in doubt, contact us for more information. Warranty and limitation of liability TypeMates fonts can be returned or replaced only if they are defective.

Single story lowercase a font

Defective fonts will be replaced if you have a valid proof of purchase and inform us about the error within 30 days of purchase. This warranty does not apply to font data that has been converted, manipulated or altered by you.

single story lowercase a font

Termination Any violation of this agreement by you, the licensee, will terminate this license. In case of termination, you are obligated to immediately remove all our fonts and all copies from your system and certify this to us, the licensor. This Agreement shall not be subject to the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is expressly excluded.

Buying Choices

The court of jurisdiction is in Passau, Germany. Miscellaneous TypeMates reserves the right to modify this license at any time without notice. However, it will not restrict your previously purchased rights within the license. Should a regulation of this contract be invalid in whole or part, the validity of other regulations shall remain unaffected.

Contact In case of doubt or other questions please contact us at any single story lowercase a font Please send inquiries by e-mail to hej typemates. On our website www. Version 3.

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