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Chrissie Wellington’s next steps

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Unfinished business at Kona? Can you remember the first time you had heard about an Ironman and your thoughts surrounding it?

A lot has happened since what has proved to be a very fateful day for the Englishwoman 15 years ago. After London, she joined the running group led by renowned coach Frank Horwill.

Was it burnout? Single taken ironman training it a case of just training too much and racing too much and the pressure of everything that comes with that?

Swimming is really relentless with the training you have to do. Nearly every morning up at aboutdoing a 2 hour swim in the morning, then off to school, then a gym session in the evening for about an hour and then another 2 hour swim to do in the evening.

That sort of started to take its toll, I guess.

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I sort of built up a bit of a shoulder injury as well, so that was getting me down and lots of other different things going on, but yeah, I sort of definitely lost the love for swimming. I was absolutely hopeless. We spur each other on and we definitely do help each other out. We do well.

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Can you get away from the sport or is it always there? I love it!

astridsweb – Seite 3 – Astrid Stienen – Ironman Champion

Lucy, talk to me about that first Ironman. I actually would say that my first Ironman was easier than the second one because it was just about finishing that. I think there was only one pro lady that actually came out ahead of me on the swim, but that was definitely the only part where I had a good lead and the rest of the singletreff waren was definitely getting overtaken.

I believe on the bike I was about 6 and a half hours, so it was a fairly long day out on the bike and then the run I think Single taken ironman training was about 4 hours 15 minutes, so not a bad run, got me around and there was some really good support out there, so that definitely helped.

It was a real balancing act. I just got to the big one and I was going to Kona and then at the awards ceremony when they play a big single taken ironman training out in Bolton and it was the Kona video and it was almost not real that we were going to single frau kinderwunsch going there.

So, yeah, it meant the absolute world!

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  • An optimal carbohydrate supply, in order to maximise performance, is of key importance during competitions.
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I knew I had a decent lead and I just had to finish and I would have got my slot as well. Yeah, it was absolutely amazing to be going together. Why is Kona so special?

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Did you find the adjustment easy to make or was it really tough? We were really aware it was taking a huge amount out of us and that was when we realized that it was that important to be doing that really.

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I chat to a lot of athletes who swear by having a coach and I speak to some who are self-coached. So it keeps you that little bit more motivated and on the ball I think. You mentioned your first Ironman, you just wanted to get through it and get around the course and experience it. The second one you went back and the goal was to qualify, heading into Kona, what were your expectations?

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Do you have specific pre-race routines that you go through regardless of what the race is, that you sort of try and stick to and those routines? Leading into the Ironman in Kona, my biking was fairly horrendous. I was drinking throughout the night and then I was making sure I was hydrated when we headed over to the race. When I was in Kona I was actually quite surprised that after about 10 strokes I had absolutely no one near me, so I could quite quickly settle into my stroke.

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So, I did go for it in the swim, I wanted to get a good, solid start. Did it live up to expectations from a difficulty point of view, was it tougher, was it easier?

single taken ironman training

Yeah, it was a great course, I really enjoyed it and it did start to get very hot on the way back as well. Was it — you hit the carpet or was it before then? This new love of triathlon has definitely filled that gap.

During winter happened a lot.

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