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Therefore, the 8sense users will be supported in conducting an active lifestyle.

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The 8clip can be connected with different coaching systems 8sense — better sitting, 8sense — better training, 8sense — better lifting. The following paper explains the medical background on which the three coaching systems are based on.

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Current studies report, that there is no single recommended sitting position. Moreover, the leaned back sitting position disburdens the intervertebral discs as well as the musculature of the back Pape et al. Nevertheless, no static posture should be taken too long.

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Static sitting behavior is related to a higher risk of back pain Zemp et al. Back pain during the last 24 hours anzahl single männer deutschland related with a more static sitting behavior Zemp et al.

The individual, daily sitting single taken training as well as the ratio between sitting, standing and walking per day is presented to each user via the app better sitting. Based on this data recommendations concerning physical exercise are given, in order to inspire and motivate the users to integrate more movements in their daily work routine.

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Moreover, the users are screened by using an anamnesis and two tests analyzing single taken training individual stress level and the relaxing ability. Based on this data, a workout plan can be developed and adjusted to the individual.

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Those present together one training session. In addition, users can choose to train with small sport equipment, such as Therband or Black Roll. The workout plans are developed considering the training theory of Weineck Therefore, better training includes specific exercises which are beneficial for a healthy back. Better training also includes Hatha Yoga by B.

Steffens et al.

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These occupational groups are at high risk to suffer from discopathy Pohrt et al. In order to support these occupational groups in preventing back pain and staying healthy despite their heavy work, the 8sense better lifting coach is currently developed.

The stand back randomised trial.

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In: Occupational and environmental medicine. DOI: Becker : Der Alltags-Fitness-Test. Lebenslang fit und selbstatänig bleiben. Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund.

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Online verfügbar unter www. Fuchs, Reinhard; Gerber, Markus Hg.

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Huang, Mengjie; Hajizadeh, Khatereh; Gibson, Ian; Lee, Taeyong : Analysis of compressive load on intervertebral joint in standing and sitting postures. Iyengar, B. The path to holistic health, the definitive step-by-step guide. New York: DK Publishing. In: Journal of alternative and complementary medicine New York, N. Nutbeam, D.

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A challenge for contemporary health education and communication strategies into the 21st century. In: Health Promotion International 15 3S.

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Pape, John L. Innovative ways to rehydrate intervertebral discs.

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In: Applied ergonomics 66, S. Pohrt, U. In: Phys Rehab Kur Med 24 Weineck, Jürgen : Optimales Training.

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Leistungsphysiologische Trainingslehre unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Kinder- und Jugendtrainings. Balingen: Spitta. In: Applied ergonomics 56, S.

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